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About Christ Cars

Youth For ChristChristCars is a donor service company for San Antonio Youth for Christ, Inc. (SAYFC) which is a registered 501 c) 3) non-profit organization. ChristCars operates, manages and administers the vehicle and property donation program for the non-profit organization. ChristCars takes the donor information from the website or by telephone, arranges towing and transportation, arranges for sale, handles all title and paperwork, and the distribution of  proceeds.

ChristCars guarantees payment for all expenses incurred in the setup, administration and operation of the program, including all employees wages, benefits, advertising, website & search engine costs, legal, accounting, phone, rent, etc. The proceeds after towing and auction costs are split evenly between SAYFC and ChristCars.  In situations where lower valued items are donated the percentage is slightly higher to ChristCars. This is to account for the high fixed costs of running the program.  In most situations, on an after expense basis, SAYFC receives more than ChristCars does, on a dollar and a percentage basis, and we believe that is the way it should be. 2002 ChristCars, 5730 Kenwick, San Antonio, TX. 78238.

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