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What and How to Donate

You can donate Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Trailers, RVs, Campers, Classic Cars, Newer Motorcycles, Boats, Jet-Skis, Airplanes, Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment, Stocks & Bonds, Homes and even Real Estate.

ChristCars will take care of all of the paperwork and title transfer requirements associated with your donation, as well as provide free towing (in most cases). Due to market conditions in certain parts of the country, and distance to tow to our nearest facility, we may have to decline a donation, or ask the donor to help pay for the towing.

Once we have taken your donation information, whether by phone or e-mail, we will have you make sure the Title is correctly signed. First, please make sure that the Title is signed by the Registered Owner. The owner needs to SIGN the title in the space on the front marked “seller “ or “owner” EXACTLY as it is shown on the Title (Example: If the owner’s name is John Q. Public, then he must sign exactly that way, not J.Q. Public). The owner will also need to sign the back of the Title where it says “seller “ or “owner” (once again, exactly as it is shown on the Title). Next, please print “ChristCars” in the space marked “Buyer” or “Purchaser.”  We will also fax or mail to you, an odometer disclosure statement and a limited power of attorney form, in case we have to correct any mistakes on the Title or other paperwork. Please check with your local State Dept of Motor Vehicles with any questions you may have.

We will then contact our towing service, who will call you to schedule a convenient time to pick up your vehicle. Please leave the keys on the inside floor of the drivers side of the vehicle. The tow truck driver will pick up your signed title (unless you have already mailed it to us) and the vehicle at the same time.

We will give you a receipt for your donation, showing the date, your name and  address, along with the information about your donation, such as year, make and model for vehicle donations.

The Tax Deductible Donation Receipt will be mailed to you a few days after your vehicle sells. The receipt should be kept as proof of your donation. We recommend that you keep some photos of your donation and any newspaper clippings of comparable car values/asking prices to use as proof should the IRS request substantiation of your valuation.

The following three paragraphs are directly from the IRS website and contain relevant information regarding donation:

If you claim a deduction on your return of over $500 for all contributed property, you must attach a Form 8283 (PDF), Noncash Charitable Contributions, to your return. If you claim a total deduction of $5,000 or less for all contributed property, you need only complete Section A of Form 8283. If you claim a deduction of more than $5,000 for an item or group of similar items, you need to complete Section B of Form 8283, which requires a qualified appraisal by a qualified appraiser.

You will need to obtain and keep evidence of your car donation and be able to substantiate the fair market value of the car. If you are claiming a deduction of $250 or more for the car donation, you will also need a written acknowledgement from the charity that includes a description of the car and a statement of whether the charity provided any goods or services in return for the car and, if so, a description and estimate of the fair market value of the goods or services.


San Antonio Youth for Christ, Inc. is a Chartered affiliate of Youth for Christ USA, Inc, which is a 501 c) 3) non-profit organization, as determined by the IRS. 2002 ChristCars, 5730 Kenwick, San Antonio, TX. 78238.

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