Best Pads For Flex 3401

01/08/2016  · Morning all, I got rid on my knock off polishers and got a good deal on a new Flex 3401 plus the open box rupes 15mark 11 and a mini Rupes so with the sale going on now and the end of auto-connect coming I need to get some info and stock up on pads.

Flex XC 3401 VRG Dual Action Orbital Polisher was created by the same company that continues to create some of the best orbital polishers in the industry.

How to restore the paint on your car using the FLEX 3401 Dual Action Polisher 16/12/2012  · Choosing pads for Flex 3401 So, as i`m waiting for christmas deals to buy a Flex, I still can`t decide what pad system would be best. In any case, I would love some input from other members on experience with certain pads and overall versatility of them

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The Meguiars FLEX 3401 ultra polish kit with 6.5 inch pads wins the battle against swirls every time. This kit has the micro abrasive polishing action of Meguiar’s #105 and #205 plus the true orbital motion of the FLEX XC 3401 Polisher.

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