How to Open a Stuck Window or Sliding Door

Opening a stuck window or door is one of those problems we here at Who Knew? live for. After all, we pride ourselves on easy solutions to everyday problems—and having a window won’t open or worse, a sliding glass door that won’t budge is certainly one! Here’s what to do if you can’t get a window or do to move.


Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
September 9, 2016

many uses for used candles. (You can also use a bar of soap). Get the candle or soap and rub up the metal tracks above the window. This should help lubricate it and make the window slide more easily. In fact, windows will open and close more easily in general if you occasionally rub a bar of soap across the track.

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How to Close a Window that’s Stuck Open

If the window is stuck open instead of closed, it’s the same thing, but in reverse: just grease up the track below the window so you can get it shut.

Window Sealed Shut?

If heat or humidity has sealed your window shut, here’s how to get it open again: Hold a block of wood up against the frame, and tap it gently a few times with a hammer. Then move to a different place on the frame until you’ve tapped all the around the edges. You should now be able to easily pull it up.

Un-Stick a Sliding Door

If your sliding glass door is sticking, simply spray the tracks with furniture polish. It will remove dirt and give the tracks the lubrication they need to keep the door moving smoothly.

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