How To Write An Upwork Proposal That Lands You The Job

Upwork is a go-to source for people who are looking to make their first dollar online.

As the largest freelance marketplace on the web, the site has opportunities for everyone. 

In fact, it’s actually how I made my first real money online. My first job was a copywriting job that paid $50 for what was close to 10 hours of work. I was the second person the client had paid. It was only thanks to a little begging — and way underpricing my competition — that the client agreed to give me a shot. 

Over the next few years, that job paved the way for many more. And more importantly, with more experience, I was able to spot niches where the supply of quality freelances hadn’t caught up to demand. 

In my case, that was landing page copywriting and design. 

As I continuously increased my rates, long gone were the days that I had to underprice my skills to win clients. In fact, at $150 per hour, I had the highest hourly rate in my niche.

The fact is that many people fail in making real money on Upwork. They sign up, apply for a few jobs, then quit after not getting hired.

The marketplace is no doubt competitive, but you can’t deny the fact that there are many freelancers making very good money on the site. And just like you, they had to start from scratch. 

how to write an upwork proposal

Being successful on Upwork starts with understanding how to write quality job proposals. Yes, you’ll want to deliver great work. But in order to land the best jobs, you’ll also need to learn how to write the best proposals. 

As someone who has both worked and hired extensively on Upwork, I’ve seen just about every Upwork proposal mistake imaginable. And yes, I made a lot of them myself. But over time, I developed a simple framework for writing proposals that have a high close rate on high-paying contracts. 

Today I want to share that framework with you.  

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this guide about getting your first job on Upwork. 

Step #1: Personalized Introduction

Here you’ll want to address the client by name and prove to them that you’ve thoroughly read their proposal. 

Example: Hi R.J., I saw that you were looking for someone who can write and design high-converting landing pages on the Unbounce platform. 

Step #2: Demonstrate You Understand Their Objective

Show them that you understand what they’re looking for, which includes both the main deliverable and other benefits (such as saving them time or making them money).

Example: I really think we’re a great match here. I’ve included a few work samples below, but since this is an area I specialize in, I could also offer a quick turnaround.

Step #3: Give Them Proof

Show them proof that you can get the job done. You can link to a live URL, such as your personal website or a portfolio sample on Upwork. 

If you don’t have a prior deliverable to show — for example, because you’re working as a virtual assistant managing someone’s calendar and email inbox — talk about your job experience. 

Example: Actually, I just finished up a very related project here on Upwork. Here’s a link to that project: In addition, I’m happy to say that the client was quite satisfied with the results. Here’s the feedback they left: “Quote feedback here.”

Step #4: Continue The Conversation

Encourage the client to continue the conversation. 

Example: Based on your job proposal, I thought the landing page from was closely related to what you’re looking for. That’s something that’s right up my alley. But I first wanted to make sure that’s what you have in mind. Please let me know. 

I’m able to chat here on Upwork, but you can also add me on Skype at (INSERT NAME) or even feel free to give me a call or text me at (INSERT PHONE NUMBER). I’d love to continue this conversation and I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 

Talk soon, 


Final Thoughts On Upwork Proposals

Freelancing on Upwork is an ideal place to get started making money online. In my case, the skills I learned on Upwork writing and designing were then used to build The Ways To Wealth, which I now run full-time. 

Upwork allowed me the space to sharpen these skills, and get paid for doing so. In addition, it allowed me to build up my emergency fund to take the leap to full-time blogging. 

So, in a sense, Upwork is a good gateway for those looking for a career outside of a traditional 9 to 5 job. You’ll quickly learn new skills, make money while doing so, and have a great understanding of business opportunities where there isn’t enough supply to meet the demand.

how to write an upwork proposal that gets you the job

How To Write An Upwork Proposal That Lands You The Job