Repairing Cigarette Burn In Car Headliner

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Aron: This is a lease car. The Girlfriend has accidentally put a cigarette into the headlining, which has made a nice little hole. You can see there is a patten in the headlining, so we’re not going to get this perfect obviously, but it will take your eye off the burn.

Cigarette Burn Repair the easy way 29/07/2014  · hi Everyone, Not sure if this is the correct place to post this topic, apologies for that. long story short, allowed someone to smoke in my bakkie and as I feared for the worst, it happened and by roof have now a burnmark.

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Cigarette burns are often found on headliners of car owners who smoke inside their vehicles. The heat of the cigarette can singe the thin headliner material almost immediately, and it is very easy to bump a cigarette against the fabric with a simple act such as knocking ash out the window.

How to Repair Cigarette Burns in a Headliner. If you create too big a patch the area might be more noticeable than the hole itself. Position the fabric piece over the hole to check for fit and color before applying any glue. Affix the patch with fabric glue. Allow it to dry uninterrupted for at least an hour.

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